Am I Too Old For Braces?

Am I Too Old For Braces?
Posted on 12/18/2018

Braces are often thought of as something for teenages, but this is not the case! There is no age too old for braces. If you are an adult, unhappy with your teeth and smile, let’s talk through your options. At Doleski & Wolford Orthodontics, we offer comprehensive orthodontic options for adults, including discrete and inconspicuous options. Orthodontic treatment for adults is actually very similar to teen treatment, the difference is we can make it more discrete with clear braces or Invisalign. Our Lawrence Park staff and orthodontists will find the best and most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Discrete Options: Clear Braces & Invisalign

Today, we have many different choices for orthodontic appliances, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. For adults, we usually recommend clear braces or Invisalign as they are more unnoticeable. Clear braces are very discrete. They do not require colored rubber bands, making them less noticeable. The high-tech orthodontic wires that are used do not need to be tightened as frequently as traditional braces, making them one of the easiest and most comfortable orthodontic options for adults.

Invisalign is another excellent option for orthodontic appliances. Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligners that are changed every two weeks to slowly move and adjust your teeth to the correct position. These appliances can be removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Both clear braces and Invisalign are adequate options to straighten your teeth. Of course, every patient is different from the next, meaning their smile goals and orthodontic needs will be different as well.

How Long Will The Treatment Be?

A women removing her clear Invisalign orthodontic retainer.

Similar to the type of orthodontic appliance needed, the time of the treatment will also vary from patient to patient. Depending on your specific orthodontic needs, you may need your braces or Invisalign for a longer amount of time or a shorter amount of time compared with others. Typically, adult braces are needed foIt may seem like a long time, but once your treatment is complete, you’ll be so proud and excited to show off your smile. You’ll completely forget about the treatment!

Setup Your First Consultation In Lawrence Park Today!

The beautiful, straight smile that you’ve always wanted is within reach. Call our Lawrence Park, PA office to set up your first orthodontic consultation today! We will be more than happy to talk you through the first steps of the process and answer any and all questions that you might have. We will be your resource through this process. The smile you’ve always dreamed of can be yours. Call our office directly or schedule your appointment online! Let us help you achieve your most ideal smile!