How Is Invisalign Teen Different From Invisalign?

How Invisalign Teen Differs From Regular Invisalign
Posted on 02/01/2019

How Invisalign Teen Differs From Regular Invisalign

Invisalign has been helping adults with mild to moderate alignment issues for a long time now, and there’s a good reason why this brand has become synonymous with clear aligner systems over its lifespan. It’s simply easier and more discreet than traditional braces, so it’s easier for adults who are self-conscious about the impressions they make to find a way to fit them into their lifestyle. For a long time, concerns over compliance and oversight made them only available to adults, but now there is a special line designed to help teens, and Invisalign Teen has one key feature that might make some adults ask for it instead of the original aligner system.

Look For a Blue Dot

The biggest issue orthodontists have with giving teenage patients this treatment is concern that the removable nature of aligners could lead to noncompliance. Treatment can only work if patients keep the aligners in for at least 22 hours every day, and teens are learning life skills and coping with a lot of pressures that make the careful management of an orthodontic with time-dependent removal a bit thorny.

That’s why they added a little blue dot. It sounds funny, but this little addition makes a big difference for patients who are forgetful and those who are just learning to manage their own health care and hygiene. The little blue dot appears on your Invisalign aligners whenever they’ve been out of your mouth for long enough to drop you below the 22 hour per day effectiveness threshold.

As soon as you see it, you know you need to pop them in and keep them there until it goes away without taking a break. Since the dot’s chemical mechanism works on a rolling basis, it appears as soon as your behavior for the last 24 hours falls out of compliance, helping you get back on track quickly.

Ask Your Orthodontist If You Qualify

Clear aligners don’t work for every patient. Some people need adjustments that are drastic enough only traditional braces are designed to get them done. If your alignment needs are moderate, though, this could be the right option for you, because it comes with all the benefits you expect from this orthodontic, including the invisible appearance during daily wear. For self-conscious teens and those involved in afterschool activities that require a dazzling personal presentation, it’s a game-changer. Contact us today, and find out what Doleski & Wolford can do to help you get the smile you always wanted.